Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Tony is being just so totally unPOSEUR right now! hw and Ritchie are like totally in each others faces all the time! i mean, its totally not ritchies fault he has a wicked 733t power chair and tony doesn't! its so cool when he plays air arm and does freakin donuts at the same freaking time!

and tony's started like, STUDYING! HOW UNPOSEUR IS THAT? just cuz he sucked in french lat week, he thinks he can go all, like total nerd now? he's so totally whacked out riht now, i don't even no who he is anymore!


Anonymous jennheartstheposeurs said...

OHMIGOD!! You have to tell Ritchie to totally stop using that chair, like right now!
I got an e-mail about this guy who was in like Idaho or someplace in the middle east who had one and the vibrating gave him spinnabiffida, which is like this totally gross disease where your spine gets all soft and your back collapses and you get all fat and wrinkly.

10:57 AM  

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