Saturday, June 05, 2004

OMG OMG!tge title song on ow i think i'm chafing is so totally 5up3r aw3som3! cuz if you play it backwards its so totally yesterday by the beatles, but backwards! NICEPUPPY ROCKS!

my stoopid mom syas i' m so wrong and no onve could be better than like the beatles, but shes stoopid and i know, like, nicepuppy aka bigeyes boston like totally engeneered it that way! i mean, who else could so totally rewrite the bookj on like leg playing!?!


Anonymous Your MOM said...

Charline, no-one is better than the Beatles. Now, as you clearly pay this page more attention than you do me, I'm going to tell you to do your homework! Right Now Missie!

8:01 PM  

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