Friday, June 04, 2004

I BOUGHT THE COOLEST MOST AWESOME THING TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i went to, like, the 5up3r733t357 store today! it was this totally old and crummy like record store, but tony said, no way man, its gonna be like so freaking awesome old stores have like totally old, like 40 years old dudes who know like wicked pissa stuff about obskure bands like the POSEURS who are totally rocked out! cuz like, old dudes remembr like woostock and shit.

so we went in and walked about and i found like, this album by big eyes boston, and like, GUESS WHO IT WAS??!! LIKE SO TOTALLY THE NICEPUPPY! it was one of his solo albums, 'ow, i think i'm chafing' where he plays like, his thighs in all differnt pants - cords and jeans and those silk japenese thingies, hakma! it's so totally awsome! not as good as like the forty minute arm solo he did with cleo p in like des moine, but still so totally wicked cool! ritchie, if your reading this dude, you gotta come ovr and heer! and tonys like, so totally wicked pissed cuz i found it 1st! *go charline! go charline! go charline!*


Anonymous r1tch13 said...

charline you R EPIC! ow i'm chafing is like nicepuppys seminal work on air leg! lets totally meat up on the w/e and transcribe it for the two disc karaoke set, and we could so get a group to perform it at the skool fair. we'll like totally show up that stupid glee club!

7:48 PM  
Anonymous smileycat said...

girl, kickin' you out of the glee club was like the total best thing we ever did. you are just so totally whack char - air leg? and ritchie - you so cannot beat out the glee club. we're the epic ones. and spelling your name with tow 1s and a 3 - uncool man, uncool.

7:50 PM  

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