Sunday, June 20, 2004

God, I am like, so boooooooored. Ritchie says it's like, total existential angst. I don't totally know what existytntial means, but Im so not like telling him that. Then he'd think i'm so like not whack. But sumtimz he uses such big words. Still, it sounds so totally cool when he usez em. I jsut dunno wat they are.

NEway. soooooo bored. Cleo P and The Puppy have like totally droped off the face of the erth. It's been agis sinse I heard anyfing. an' my totally stoopid mom keeps knockin out my net acess. she says i spend too much time blogging and working and stuff. she's so not whack. she and tony are so the same. he's so mean riht now too. it's all cuz i like ritchie and not him. he's gone so totally a-list. next thng i know he'll be quarterbacking and dating some stupid cheerleader chicke.

i iwsh cleo p and the puppy were here.


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