Sunday, May 16, 2004

this has been a week of total SUCKITUDE!! We had like, wicked stoopid MCAS this week! well, like, duh of course 2+2 is like, 4! our teachers totally make us just drill the books over and over. I can read by myself y'know!

so NEway, i get home from class and my like totally whack mom tells me there's this message from tony and then starts baggingme out for totally liking him and stuff and i shud be like fokused on homework and school and shit! i mean, like, get a clue woman! it's not my fault theirs a stick up your ass!

Tony called to tell me, like, he found some wicked cool candy bracelts we can use in our video! we're making, like, a totally 733t POSERSFAN vid. it's gonna be soooo PUNK ROCK!


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