Monday, May 31, 2004

OMFG! Cleo P got Punched in the Nose!

OMFG! I was at a Poseur's concert in town tonite. It was wikkid 733t! But, right int he middle of the second set some bonehead chick leap up on the stage and just punched CleoP right int he nose!

Cleo P was way cool about it - she punched the bonehead right back! Then, while the roadies were dragging the bitch off, CleoP left the stage for like three minutes to clean up the bleeding and then she was back on stage, totally PUNK ROCKING!!

CleoP Is wikkid 733T!!!!!!!11!!11


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there! she wasn't punched in the nose - The bitch in the white suit (someone said her name wass buffy!) hit her int he face with her forearm. But, like charline said, It was totally puck rock, cuz cleo was went ballisitc on the buffy chick - totally breaking her nose and stuff!

12:09 PM  
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