Saturday, May 29, 2004

okay so here's like, the total goss - richie has this friend in like, london, whos uncle's best friends cousin is like, totally, nicepuppys brothers friends yoga teacher (isn't that just so totally sick? i <3 the posers! woot!) and he says, like, cleo p was totally married when she was like 17 to this quarterback, jimmy o. i had no freakin idea!

so, like yoga dude says its this totally ill romantic story - cleo has, like, this crush on this guy, jimmy o and shes totally telling him about a dentist appointment and hesays, like, bring me your teeth and i'll make this awsom necklace out of em and totally, like, wear it for luck when i play! so she brings him all these bits of wisdom teeth and their all caked in blood and shit and he like totally does it! so freaking phat, man!

then they like totally dropout of school (i wish i could drop out of school, it's so boring and just totally stoopid! who needs to be able to add up anyway, since we like totally have CALCULATORS now ppl? math is so otaku!) NEway, then they get married and move into this totally shag carpet apartment! but then jimmy o DIES in a FREAK ROLLERSKATING ACCIDENT! this stupid, like, totally fleetwood mac chik is like rollerskating down there st. and like, she crashes into the o-man and catches his, like, eye with her totally un733t hair pins and he screams and they like go crashing into this traffic light and then lightning strikes like the light and their both like TOTALLY FRIED!. and cleo p so totally saw the whole thing and went fickin crazy! that's just so, like, totally romeo and juliet!


Anonymous FLEXI HAMBURG said...

o that is just so totally romantic! i bet they were just soooooo cute together! do you think, like, someone on ebay has the necklace? wouldn't that be, like, total rock?

9:20 PM  
Anonymous totalturtlechick said...

okay, charline, you are just so totally whack right now. what're you doin' grrl? the posers are a totally awesom band, but you don't like, believe any of this shit, do you? it's all MARKETING grrl, it's not real. fanfic and good ad ppl!

9:25 PM  

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