Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I had like, sototally the best day today. I like met this guy from London, he's a new xchange student in my class, and he's like so totally into the POSERS, the like, totally 733t35t band, like EVER. NEway, he was totally like filling me in on nicepuppy. Richard (thats, like, the new guys name. isn't that just so totally like british! it's awesome. tony doesn't like, like him though, and calls him spotted dick. tony is just so, like, not poser right now.)

NEway, Richard says that Nicepuppy was, like, totally a frankiskan monk in like indonesia converting like, heathens, when this totally PUNK ROCK pirate raided the totally unawsom misshun. and GUESS WHO the like, totally, totally like pirate was? CLEO FUCKIN' P! isn't that, like, so awsom?!!!!!!!!!! so then she like hooks up with the puppy and whammo we have the like, BEST BAND EVER!


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