Wednesday, May 19, 2004


The absolute Coolest Thing happened tonight! I was walking down the street in Versailles (the one in Texas,not France) and there was Cleo P being carried down the street by Alexander NicePuppy! I don'tknow what was going on - they wouldn't stop to talk or anything. The posers don't like to talk to their fans I guess. It's cool though - their music is still totally 733t!!!!!!!!!Posted by Hello


Anonymous sara r. said...

cmt says the posers have a gig coming up! 733t!

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Y0 - 7h3 p053r5 7074||y r0ck, 3v3n 1f 7h3y 0cc4510n4||y d155 7h31r f4n5. H3y, wh47 k1nd 0f b4nd w0u|d 7h3y b3 1f 7h3y d1dn'7? K1ck 455! 571||, 1 60774 54y, 1 7h1nk C|30 50und5 |1k3 4 |473 n16h7 1nf0m3rc14| 5|u7 n4m3 1f y0u 45k m3.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Charline Hornsby said...

HEY - don't diss the Cleo! Cleo P is the awsomst chik ever!!

11:11 AM  

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